Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Way Home

Something I didn't think about in my first post, when naming my blog: we're all headed to the same home. Or at least we should be. We may stray and we may wander, we may take different roads, but in the end hopefully we'll reach the same home. And while we should not hold our road above the roads others are taking, thinking ours is the best or only way, we should be keenly aware of whether those around us are headed in the right direction. None of us, if we saw a child wandering the streets looking lost and alone, would leave him to find his own way. In God's eyes, we are but children, trying to find our ways back to Him. And if we are willing, He will lead us where we need to go. But He also uses His children to help Him find those who seem to have lost their way, and we must be willing to help the lost ones, guiding them back to the right path.

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