Monday, December 13, 2010


I need to remember what faith is. I really struggle with feeling like I have to fully understand everything and needing concrete evidence for things, especially when it comes to God. I read Jesus’ encounters with the Pharisees and think how ignorant they were to have Jesus standing right in front of them, living among them, and still not believing in Him. And really, when I think about it, I’m doing pretty much the same thing. I say “God, I know you’re here, I can see what you have done in my life and feel your presence inside of me, and you even make sense to my skeptical mind, but I still need just a bit more proof from you, and then I’ll truly believe in you.” And what I’ve just now realized is that this is me leaving out one of the most crucial components of believing in God, which is faith. I may not have Jesus standing in front of me telling me He’s my savior, but I have the Bible telling me that, and I have Him living inside of my heart and showing me that in my life daily. And I still doubt Him. So until I can say “I believe because I have faith,” I’m no better than those Pharisees.

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