Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello no one!

Hello no one!

In honor of Donald Miller, I have chosen the URL If you haven't read any of Donald Miller's books, do. If you're more of a blog reader, read his blog:

The name is inspired by my new way of looking at life as the way home. How infinitely comforting it is to think of this broken, miserable life as just an extended car ride home to our maker. It brings me back to 15-hour long car rides home from vacation when I was little that lasted forever, were never as fun as I thought they would be, and always made someone cry. But somehow, despite all of the turmoil and strife and heartache, we always made it home in our minivan in one piece. I tend to think about life as if it's an endless mountain climb, each step taking me closer to some unknown peak, no end in sight, and no certainty as to where I am going or what will happen along the way. And yeah, if there's no life after this, that's pretty much what life is. But not if there's something after this. If the end of this life is the beginning of real life, then we're all just on a long, hard journey home. Nothing about the uncertainty of the "along the way" part changes, but at least we know where we're going to end up. I don't know, that just calms my soul.

Forgive my lack of bells and whistles, I'm more of a writer than a web designer. I hope to change that soon. And frankly I'm more of a journaler (word?) than a writer, so forgive my casualness. So welcome to my blog, come and walk with me!

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