Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Empty Tomb

Never has so much life come forth
from something so bare, so lifeless.
I enter in, and what I expect I do not see.
The air is fresh, fresher than I had expected.
But where is my Lord.
He is not here, they say, He is gone.
Gone? That cannot be.
Just the other day I saw him laid here.
I saw his body, broken and torn.
I saw the stone rolled over the entrance.
But now that stone is gone. 
And where He was laid to rest,
Now only linens and rags.
And angels.
Angels reminding me
of what my master told me.
That He would rise. 
And here I stand, in the empty tomb.
A house of death
Now bursting forth with life.
My teacher lives.
My savior lives.
He is risen.
I must go tell the others.

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